Pastor Terry Bage

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Terry Bage has been blessed with the opportunity to work with the “Priesthood of Believers” at Elizabeth Lutheran. He came to Elizabeth Lutheran on March 1, 2018, as a lay minister.  He was Ordained and Installed into the Elizabeth Lutheran Church family on November 11th, 2018.

His wife, Vivian, and Pastor Terry Bage live in Dime Box.  Mrs. Vivian is a retired teacher.  They have a daughter, two sons, three granddaughters, and one grandson.

Immediately before coming to Elizabeth Lutheran Pastor Terry Bage had worked 9 1/2 years at a school located on the Hill Country Youth Ranch in Ingram. The ranch is a residence for foster children and most of the students lived on the ranch.  Many of those young people had experienced the worst that life can offer.  Therefore, some of them required a little extra help and attention to get them through a day at school. Pastor Terry Bage was blessed with the opportunity to be the person to help them. While he was working at the school he also served St. Paul Lutheran Church of Cave Creek for two years while they were in the call process (Cave Creek is about 8 miles northeast of Fredericksburg).

Prior to moving to the Hill Country, Pastor Terry Bage served at St. John Lutheran Church in Deanville from 2001 – 2008. His service at both congregations was as a lay minister by permission of the bishop.  He went through the program that was called “Synodically Authorized Ministry”.

Pastor Terry Bage was born in Texas City, Texas, and grew up in a little town not far from it called Alta Loma.  You will not find Alta Loma on the map, because it is now called Santa Fe, TX.  Not long after graduating from Santa Fe High School, he went to work at Amoco Oil Refinery.  There he became a blender of gasoline and diesel fuels.  Pastor Terry Bage always wanted to live in the country so Vivian and he bought their ranch in Dime Box in 1995.  They picked Dime Box because it was where Pastor Terry Bage’s father was born & raised and had moved back to after retiring.

It is truly exciting to be a part of the congregation of Elizabeth Lutheran Church. 

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Council Members

President                                                                                Gabbo Goetsch

VicePresident/ Evangelism                                              Bud Oliver

Secretary                                                                               Jeff Curington

Treasurer                                                                               Cody Novosad

Membership                                                                         Dianna Curington

Congregational Life                                                           Lisa Blum

Property                                                                                 Devin Gerland

Education                                                                              Stacy Stefka 

Worship                                                                                 Vince Neal

Financial Secretary                                                           John Hoffman