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October 31, 2017 marks an important milestone in World History.  The Reformation was not just a one day nor just a religious event.  Some years ago, a major magazine described Martin Luther as the second most influential person in history, right behind Jesus Christ. I daresay, Dr. Luther would be embarrassed by such a distinction.  What started as an invitation to a scholarly debate (as it is often described) produced an avalanche of change across Europe that still affects the world.  

As we approach our Reformation Sunday on October 29th, it is my prayer that we each will learn more about our church, its background, history and especially impact on our daily lives.  During the Adult Sunday School class, we will be focusing on some of the major events and themes of our Lutheran Heritage, but more we will be looking at how the Lutheran Christian is called to live in the world today by faith active in love.  


While many see the church as irrelevant for modern life, its message, the Good News of Jesus Christ, is needed at least as much as ever before.  Why?  The Good News addresses:


Fear.  There is no doubt that our society is full of fear.  The press, social media and Hollywood thrive on making us anxious about scary things, both real and imagined.

Loneliness.  Despite the omnipresent smart phone and technology, more and more people suffer from loneliness and isolation.

Shame.  Guilt, rejection, being “othered”, failure, body-shaming, being different and many other terms are used to remind us that we are not good-enough.  The world tells us this or that product, behavior or relationship will fix everything.  The world lies. 

Hopelessness.  Hope, vision, focus, purpose, meaning, significance and other terms are missing in the lives of many, if not the majority of people around the world.


The Gospel of Jesus Christ addresses every one of these conditions and more.  Martin Luther introduced concepts of faith in daily life that still ring true today.  Terms like, “the priesthood of all believers”, “freedom of the Christian” and “Sola scriptura, Sola gratia, Sola fide” are just a few of many that shaped the church we know today.  As we learn more about these my prayer will also be for each of us to experience the power the Good News has in store for each of us.


 You will be hearing about upcoming meetings to look at our Future Mission and Vision.  As we move into the 500th Anniversary Commemoration, we want the input of all our church family.  Just as posting a debate flyer seemed small at the time 500 years ago, looking forward at ELC  may seem small.  It will be vital to our congregational life.







Pastor Ricardo was confirmed at Redeemer Lutheran Church in the Panama Canal Zone, graduated from Augsburg Lutheran Seminary in Mexico City and later served Mission Posts in Guatemala, El Salvador and Mexico City.  He was ordained in the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod in1972, later joining the ELCA.  He served Texas churches; Peace, Pasadena; Prince of Peace, South Houston; Redeemer and King of Glory, both Houston; New Life, Pearland; among others. His wife, Raquel, also attended Seminary.


They have three children: Mitch who works at the Texas Medical Center, Roxana who works for United Airlines and in Real Estate and Joel who works in a Container processing company.  They are the proud grandparents of five; four boys and one girl. Pastor Ricardo’s birthday is May 6 and Raquel's is June 11.  Pastor Ricardo is our new part-time Associate Pastor for Visitation and can be reached at: 832-494 7710.